Monday, March 17, 2008

Christ Ahnsahnghong who established the Passover in the LAst Days

6 On this mountain the LORD Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine—the best of meats and the finest of wines.
7 On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; 8 he will swallow up death forever

Since PAssover was ablolished why do we know about it prophesied God came to bring us back that banquet of aged wine that has the power to swallow up death forever...and His name is Christ Ahnsahnghong...HE came in the last days and led us the way to eternal life that is why we can say...

Isaiah 25:9 9 In that day they will say, "Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us. This is the LORD, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation."

The one who brought salvation through the PAssover is God almighty...that is why I beleive in Christ Ahnsahnghong!!!!!!!

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